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There is nothing worse than turning on your Xbox 360, and seeing those red flashing lights. The Xbox’s red ring of death is no stranger to us, and we can fix your RROD Xbox 360 the same day in most cases. We also make custom mods for your Xbox, and those can be completed at the same time we perform your Xbox repair. There are many things that can cause an Xbox 360 to get the RROD, and we can fix just about all of them. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Xbox Repair Services

  • Xbox Professional Reflow
  • Xbox 360 Professional Reball
  • LED Light Mods
  • Xbox DVD Drive Repair

Our custom Xbox mods are done right here in Colorado Springs. Having a Custom Xbox 360 could be some serious bragging rights against your friends as most of our custom mods are one of a kind! This is perfect for those gamers that want more from their console.

RROD Exchange Program

Are you looking to get back to gaming as fast as possible? Did your Xbox 360 get the RROD after you just purchased an Xbox live pass, and now your worried it will go to waste? That probably isn’t the case, and your just mad you can’t jump online and shoot your friends in the face! Guard Dog Tech Repair has a solution for you. You can now exchange your RROD Xbox with us for a discount off of a working or modded Xbox 360 game console. We are clearly the best choice for xbox repair in Colorado Springs